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K-12 School Meals

Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and Snack

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Meal Program Options

Fresh Start Healthy Meals caters to unique school needs with flexible, nutritious meal programs. From unitized meals to comprehensive food service management, we deliver efficient, customized solutions for every school.

Unitized Meals

Embrace the ease of our Unitized Meals program. We prepare and package nutritious meals, ready for your staff to serve. Perfect for schools with serving staff, this program seamlessly fits into your daily routine. With a diverse menu, we cater to all tastes and dietary needs.


Food Service Management

Enjoy peace of mind with our Food Service Management contracts. We handle all aspects of your meal program, from planning and preparation to delivery and server management. Our team delivers nutritionally balanced, delicious meals in line with USDA and CDE guidelines. This end-to-end solution is ideal for schools seeking to focus more on education and less on meal management.

Compliant Meals

Our meals adhere to the daily and weekly dietary requirements mandated by the CDE and align with the USDA's MyPlate guidelines. We deliver all the components required for a successful meal program.






On-Time Delivery Options to Suit Your Needs

All of our meal options are compliant with USDA and CDE meal programs, ensuring that your students receive the balanced nutrition they need to fuel their day. Our menu is also culturally inclusive, catering to diverse dietary preferences and needs. Our meals are delivered in three formats depending on your location and kitchen facilities.


Hot and ready to eat, delivered directly from our facility. This option is ideal for schools located within a two-hour radius to ensure the meal's optimal temperature and safety. Hot meals are offered on select days.


Heat On-Site

Delivered cold and packaged to be easily heated on your premises. This option provides flexibility for schools with on-site kitchen facilities.


Cold Menu Options Only

Perfect for schools without heating equipment, our cold menu options are nutritious, tasty, and enjoyable to consume cold.


Family-Style Option Available

In addition, we also offer a family-style option. With sufficient staff in mind to manage the serving process efficiently, this can be an excellent way to foster a communal atmosphere during meal times.

Partnership Benefits

Building a successful meal program starts with a strong partnership. Discover the comprehensive range of services we provide to support your program's success.

  • Culturally Inclusive Meals

  • Raffles & Giveaways

  • Audit & Review Support

  • Special Events & Catering

  • California Commodity Processor

  • Scratch Cooking

  • Reimbursable BBQ's

  • Food Service Management

  • Record Keeping

  • Workshops & Surveys

  • Production & Delivery Records

  • Meal Program Analysis & Consulting

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