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13294 Ralston Avenue, Sylmar, CA, USA

Job Description

  1. Provide customer service to students at schools when serving food.

  2. Follow all food guidelines from the state.

  3. Distribute lunch to students during breakfast, lunch or both.

  4. Count the food received and served.

  5. Move quickly but effectively.

  6. Have great communication skills and the ability to follow up.

  7. Handle equipment and computers for certain sites (Will be trained)


  1. Jobs will be local within a few miles from the schools. Requirements to work:

  2. Be able to drive to transport within a 15 miles radius (A Car is a plus not mandatory)

  3. Food Handlers

  4. TB test within the last 6 months

  5. MUST be vaccinated (Due to entering schools)(Booster might be required, depending on location)

Pay Rate



Monday - Friday (Start time varies)

(12-15 Hours | Part Time )

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