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Production Associate

13294 Ralston Avenue, Sylmar, CA, USA

Job Description

  1. Required to always maintain cleanliness and organized workspace.  

  2. Comply with QC standards. 

  3. Ensure appropriate portions are being distributed to all products/meals.

  4. Ensure all products/foods are presentable and showcased per product/meal specifications. 

  5. Maintain steady pace and consistency while performing assembly duties.

  6. Responsible for reporting any spoilage and/or damaged products/foods.

  7. Work effectively with the team/group to complete orders.

  8. Comply with supervisor needs and willing to rotate assembly responsibilities. 

  9. Follow directions provided by Production Supervisor.

  10. Provide support by of keeping counts as needed.


  1. Able to work in a refrigerated environment. 

  2. Work under time constraints and meet production goals. 

  3. Food handlers certified. 

  4. Versed with cooking utensils and mass food production concepts. 

  5. Positive attitude and team player approach to work.

  6. Must be able to multi-task.

Pay Rate



Schedule Varies (Sunday - Thursday)

Full Time / Hourly

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