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Field Representative Lead

13294 Ralston Avenue, Sylmar, CA, USA

Job Description

  1. Deliver products to various locations in a timely and professional manner.

  2. Provide excellent customer service support.

  3. Carry out trainings, tastings, and product demonstrations at schools, as required.

  4. Assist in school workshops and meal participation engagement

  5. Maintain and develop relationships with key stakeholders at client schools.

  6. Assist in being a substitute server, as needed. (Serving all 5 component meals to students, cleaning station, heavy lifting, unloading/lifting, temperature checking and preparing).

  7. Communicate with transportation team, school staff, servers, and customer service for estimated time arrivals.

  8. Oversee servers and manage their duties, ensuring proper distribution of tasks among

  9. Provide ongoing support and communication to the sales team and Business Development

  10. Ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures, as well as local, state, and federal regulations.

  11. Prepare and submit reports on activities, expenses, and sales progress to the Business Development Director

  12. Participate in training programs and attend meetings as required by the company.


  1. Must have a vehicle to transport from each school site.

  2. Must be able to pass a ServSafe Certification.

  3. Bilangual preferred (English and Spanish)

Pay Rate



Monday - Friday
(7am - 3:30pm)

Full Time / Hourly

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