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Delivery Driver

13294 Ralston Avenue, Sylmar, CA, USA

Job Description

  1. Deliver products to customer locations in a timely manner

  2. Load and unload vehicle

  3. Confirm Load Product accuracy

  4. Be attentive to client’s needs

  5. Maintain accurate inventory of packages and materials

  6. Place unloaded and returned products in designated/required areas

  7. Maintain daily track of the vehicle’s mileage

  8. Inspect and monitor delivery vehicle

  9. Report all vehicle’s needs to management


  1. Experience in delivery driving, customer service, or other related fields

  2. Valid C Driver’s license

  3. Clean driving record for 3 years

  4. Ability to handle physical workload

  5. Deadline-oriented

  6. Face-to-Face Customer Service experience

Pay Rate



Monday - Friday (5am - 2:30pm)

Full Time / Hourly

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