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Culturally Inclusive Meal Provider

From Our Kitchen to Your Table: Bringing the World's Flavors and Cultures Together to Healthy School Meals


School Food | Delicious meals made by Fresh Start Healthy Meals. Showcased in the picture is prepackaged meals but we also offer bulk style and overwrapped (IW) meals.

Our Mission

Nourishing lives and building stronger communities with fresh, culturally inclusive meals.

We are a proudly woman-owned and veteran led company.

Serving 165+ Sites

Our reach grows daily: now serving fresh and compliant meals at 165+ sites and counting.

90,000+ Students Fed

Not just employees, we're a family: Our dedicated team works tirelessly to bring healthy food to our students.

15,000,000+ Meals 

As we celebrate the milestone of serving over 15 million meals, we're reminded of our mission to make healthy food accessible to all.

250+ Team Members

Not just employees, we're a family: Our dedicated team works tirelessly to bring healthy food to our students.

K12 Healthy School Meal Innovators

When kids love our healthy meals, it's a win-win!


Our Services

Our services are flexible and scalable depending on the needs of your K-12 school site, district, or business.

Order by the Pallet

Ordering by the pallet saves you time and money with our custom mix-and-match pricing.


We take care of the cooking, meanwhile, you take care of the meal program!


From serving, delivery, and audit support, our full range of food service management allows you to leave the stress and pressure to us!


We are an approved commodity processor through the California Department of Education, Food Distribution Program.


Have your own product you're looking to manufacture? We can take care of that.

What Makes Us Different?

Our commitment to community, innovation, and personalized services sets us apart.

Veteran-Led &
Woman Owned Business

Join our vibrant school meal program, led by a veteran & a woman, prioritizing student health & happiness with a transformative approach.

Culturally Inclusive
Inspired Meals

Embrace the diverse tastes of our culturally inclusive meals, showcasing the culinary heritage of our students from various cultures.


Scratch Cooking

Enjoy meals freshly baked and assembled before delivery for ultimate freshness and quality. Choose from fresh or frozen options.

Workshops & Surveys

Our inclusive approach boosts participation through an inviting and engaging environment.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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