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Food Preparation
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With a keen focus on customer relations, attentiveness and flexibility, we work together with school
administrators to reach program goals; which include feeding every eligible recipient, reducing costs and staying in compliance to avoid fiscal penalties during audits. Fresh Start Meals has extensive experience working with several K12 Schools and Districts setting the standard of catering to the needs of your school partners that many of our competitors attempt to emulate. 

We provide meal distribution with an experienced, flexible, and professional Transportation Department. Our team is designed to work around the clock to meeting your full agenda without impacting your schedule.



Our in house Nutrition Department ensures that all menus are compliant with SBP, NSLP and CACFP standards in relation to the New Meal Pattern and provides guidance on Administrative Reviews. Offering flexible menu options, daily variety, vegetarian menus and even salad bars to add a little something extra to your day-to-day service.

In addition, we have dedicated an Account Specialist to assist with menu selection, order placement, and any additional support neededIt is through competitive pricing, great flexibility and dedication to providing the ultimate customer service that we have excelled in an ever-changing business.

During our current unprecedented times, we have found ways to continue serving our communities by training on proper COVID-19 procedures, following all Public Health Department COVID-19 protocols, utilizing web conferencing where possible and following other social distancing and hygiene procedures.

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